Who is the Coffin Confessor?

Bill Edgar is the one they call The Coffin Confessor he’s a very successful Businessman, Counsellor, Author and one of Australia’s leading Private Detectives who’s known for doing what most lawyers, accountants and professionals wont, cant or fear to do and it’s not for the faint of heart or those that fear litigation. Mr Edgar assisted thousands of people out of false and fabricated debts that were purchased by opportunistic debt collectors as repairable write offs (www.freedomfromdebtcollectors.com.au). Mr Edgar is also known as the Lost Boy of TSS exposing the rape, molestation and abuse of boys at one of Australia’s most elite and prestigious boy’s school The Southport School (TSS).

In 2005 Mr Edgar came up with an idea that he thought would revolutionise the funeral business however his concept then known as Host Your Own Funeral wasn’t a success in part because people feared writing or recording their own eulogy however in 2017 whilst engaged as a private investigator he spoke about his Host Your Own Funeral concept with his then client who was terminally ill and found the concept fascinating later asking Mr Edgar to interrupt his funeral service and disclosing some home truths about himself, family and friends and those he thought were his friends, it was this request that inspired Mr Edgar to re-visit and re-invent his original concept and thus The Coffin Confessor was created.

Since January 2017 The Coffin Confessor has been engaged to provide his unique funeral crashing service however it was his appearance on Good Morning Britain that saw him inundated with thousands of requests most were hilarious to read said Mr Edgar but there were some very sad, loving and even hateful confessions but that’s a part of this unique service you get to leave with no skeletons in the closet.

British actor, comedian , radio and television presenter Adil Ray said out of respect he would turn up to his brothers funeral even if he hadn’t seen or spoken to him for over 30 years a comment that had thousands of Brits emailing The Coffin Confessor with engagement requests, confessions and messages of support.

In recent times The Coffin Confessor has been engaged to enter the homes of those taken into hospital or palliative care and remove items they don’t want their loved ones, family, friends or enemies to find, The Coffin Confessor collects these items and records their destruction. Every person on this planet has a skeleton in their closet. What’s yours and will you let it out?