Created by The Coffin Confessor

Everyone on this planet has a skeleton in the closet...

What's yours?

Ever been to a funeral of a loved one, friend or associate and out of respect for the living you’ve remained silent if so then you’ve disrespected the dead.

From the moment you’re conceived you’re born to die but the difference between birth and death is that your birth is expected and most have nine months to prepare for your arrival where death can come at any moment, time or place sure in some cases it can be delayed some even know that it’s near but most have no idea its knocking on their door until they open it.

We plan for a birth, a wedding, a holiday, a life filled with adventure and memories and then we die without leaving a loving message to those we loved most, no departing gift or swipe at those we loved to hate.

Coffin Confessions is your personal library and your login and password are your library card and it’s your opportunity to confess your love to those you truly loved to confess your secret desires, fantasises, your undying love for the one you couldn’t have, confess your sins or tell those you loved to hate why you hated them.

Have your say,
rather than someone
having it for you.

Coffin Confession Examples:

JANE DOE my death came at a time when I couldn't fit anymore love into my life and you will be forever loved, I want you to live a life full of love joy and happiness, check the crawl space, see you on the other side my love.
JANE DOE I know what you did, I know who you did it to and I know who you blamed but this is my death and you will have to confront yours my only hope is you tell Tim before he finds the message I left for him.
JOHN DOE you were like a brother to me but your wife was like a lover I couldn’t have. I’m sorry for the pain, the hurt and deceit but know that as much as I tried she wouldn’t give herself to anyone but you.
JOHN DOE to my family I love you with all my heart, I tried to be the man, husband, father and grandfather you could be proud of, I will be with you and hope to connect with you whenever you’re thinking of me, don’t forget the sock draw.